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Flying 15 & Laser Racing

2019 Flying Fifteen & Laser Racing

Opening Day Saturday 4th May Start 14.30 HW 13.30

Wednesday Points Series 1

15th May Start 19.20 HW 11.00
29rd May Start 19.20 HW 22.40
12th June Start 19.20 HW 22.10
26th June Start 19.20 HW 20.30
Racing will take place on the other Wednesdays at PSC

Wednesday Points Series 2
10th July Start 19.20 HW 20.40
24th July Start 19.20 HW 19.10
7th August Start 19.20 HW 19.00
21st August Start 19.20 HW 17.30

Racing will take place on the other Wednesdays at PSC

Saturday Sailing
4th May Opening Day SSC
11th May Opening Day PSC
18th & 19th May NI Championships SSC
1st June Castleward Trophy SSC
15th June Regatta Quoile YC
22nd June Regatta Newtownards S C
29th June Castleward Trophy SSC
13th July Regatta SSC
14th July Regatta PSC
15th July Regatta Portaferry Town
20th July Regatta Killyleagh YC
27th July Castleward Trophy SSC
3rd August Regatta East Down YC
10th August Regatta Strangford Lough YC
24th August CastlewardTrophy SSC
7th September H/CP Race SSC
12th October Down Jewellers SSC
Racing will take place on other Saturdays at P S C

Wind and Tidal Report

Wind Guru

Strangford Sailing Club

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