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Ode to SSC Flying 15’s

by Roy Scott Commodore SSC 2014

The prizes have been given out
All well earned, of that, no doubt!
Usually the comical awards now due –
This year, something different for you!

My thoughts go first straight to the Master!
No 15s ever went faster!
Gerry retired from the 15 fleet
With pipe and slippers for his feet!

Tommy is always around and about
Supervising the work – a valuable scout!
Even on Sundays – with paper in hand
Pity the walkers are crossing the land!

Sibling rivalry we all have seen!
No names mentioned – you know who I mean!
What’s the score? or running order?
It might be in the Down Recorder!

One of the brothers needs singling out –
For behaviour that everyone’s talking about!
And what you may ask is this terrible crime?
No Malcolm – you shouldn’t be jumping the line!

Now Oliver you have been borrowing so –
You took some fuel to make your boat go
The problem about this for goodness sake –
It was heating oil you took by mistake!

Now Roger you’re not getting away
Without me having something to say
About the day you ran off with my speech
And thought you put it out of reach!

Now sailors many different skills employ
To win is the ultimate aim and joy
But Jo was feeling somewhat weary
So brought Darren Martin in to beat McCleary!

There are always things to repair and mend
Sails etcetera – there is no end!
No fixing up when hillyard broke!
Dougie & McCleary buy a new boat!

The pair were doing well at all the Regattas
To get a win is all that matters!
It took Shane to break this winning streak
And on home turf – dare I speak!

Now Andrew went and broke his wrist.
It’s not as though he was even pissed!
What’s his excuse? If not the drink?
Maybe the sympathy vote – I think!

Logie is reaching for the sky!
No more sailing – my oh my!
Barry has moved to Malcolm so.
Is this a downward spiral? OH!

Seamus has some sailing flair
Sits in his boat as if an armchair!
The most relaxed person you could meet!
Most laid back member of the fleet!

There’s a few cross members I can tell
The like to shout and barge and yell!
Who might they be? I hear you ask
Is Peter replacing Marcus in this task?

The club has been given a great facelift
Gerry, Tommy and Jane on the decorating shift
Your Commodore was banned! I was deeply offended!
Only good for wrecking and things being upended!

At the Bar Buoy you will recall
That everyone there had a ball
Finest dancing ever seen
But Anna was the dancing queen!

Bar b cues on a Wednesday night
Have always been our great delight
Sausages n burgers always made
Until Rozzie introduced marinade!

On a serious note now if I may!
Some words to finish I will say.
A better bunch you couldnt meet –
On Strangford Lough – we’re the greatest fleet!

Wind and Tidal Report

Wind Guru

Strangford Sailing Club

Designed @STUDIO55